CT Lab Reveals Newest Publication

PHILADELPHIA – November 9, 2016 – CT Lab— the Data-driven Consumer Technology business media company and publisher of Dealerscope and Technology Integrator – has unveiled its newest brand, CEMBLY.

CEMBLY, an ambitious project that brings together Home Technology Professionals, Interior Designers, Architects, Builders and Building Designers to highlight the latest in technology and design – while recognizing the teams, individuals, and projects which best exemplify their craft.

With its inaugural issue and website launching early January, CEMBLY aims to push the home technology vertical to the forefront of the conversation.

“The aim is to create greater understanding between the professionals, with new ideas and solutions that help to establish the foundations that lead to greater business success. This ultimately leads to more satisfied clients and award winning properties,” said editor Maureen Jenson.

“In today’s world, technology is ubiquitous in every home. Home networking systems, security systems, lighting designs and aging-in-place solutions MUST be not only easy to use, but attractive and welcoming in the home environment. CEMBLY will bring our readership that and so much more as we bring the technology and design professionals together,” added Jenson.

CEMBLY will showcase the best implementations of cutting edge electronics and news on the latest products and projects for the complete Consumer Technology buying ecosystem.

“One of the most important yet overlooked elements of success in the technology industry is timing. You don’t want to be too far ahead or too far behind what consumers want, which is a huge reason we are so excited to be working on a brand like CEMBLY right now,” said CT Lab content editor Katie Nale.

“We are right on the cusp of home automation becoming mainstream. We think CEMBLY is going to be a pioneering brand that will peak the interest of the home technology and interior design communities with its mix of luxury design and home automation.”

Benjamin Felix, the President of CT Lab, was excited to highlight the newest brand addition. “I’ve been asked ‘What does CEMBLY mean?’ The answer is CEMBLY means the convergence of technology and design – it means marketing an industry that historically hasn’t showcased itself well – and it means a recast of an audience and influencer ecosystem.

“Last week we announced CT Lab as a disruptive Consumer Technology business media company; CEMBLY is just the start.”